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IDEA FOR NEW MOVIE: PORTAL - according the game

PORTAL the movie (Contains spoilers)
The idea for the new film, according to the game Portal. 
The story taking place in underground laboratories: Aperture Laboratories 
(science) as in the game.
The story can take place before turning on AI GLaDOS.To the test chambers get sister of the scientist who conducts research in this department (Enrichment Center) in some way, he quietly tried to help to his sister. 
In the film can be a Rattman.
Later, the artificial intelligence GLaDOS is turned on by the scientists. GLaDOS would be trying to kill all by a neurotoxin. Scientists tried to hide and stop GLaDOS and save the test subjects from the Enrichment center and from the aperture science relaxation center. The old scientist from Aperture Science laboratories is trying to get inside Aperture to see what happened there.He trying to help others to survive ....
Could it be a good movie, right?
Portal has a lot of fans and the film would certainly pleased, but could not be too different from the game.

Sometimes I used google translator 





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